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With Trump in Denial About Covid-19, Few Americans Trust the Administration to Tell the Truth

President Donald Trump seems to think he can wish the pandemic away, but most Americans are now aware that Covid-19 is not done with us yet, far from it. While Trump golfs, prattles on about confederate monuments, retweets "white power" videos and discourages reasonable virus precautions, the nation's governors are struggling to contain the growing pandemic. And today Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, warned that the United States could see as many as 100,000 new infections a day if the country fails to take adequate steps to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Vice-President Joe Biden raised the question that most Americans are asking themselves right now: has Trump just given up on combating the pandemic?

CNN: "In a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, the former vice president recounted what he cast as Trump's missteps, from Trump's early dismissals of the virus to his more recent refusals to wear a mask in public appearances."
"Pointing to Trump in March declaring himself a wartime president in battling the coronavirus, Biden said: "What happened? Now it's almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered -- waved the white flag and left the battlefield."

As it turns out, it may not matter very much because few Americans believe what Trump says about the pandemic. According to a study released yesterday by Pew Research, only 30% of the public believes that the Trump White House "gets the facts right almost all or most of the time when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak." More than twice that many [64%] trust The Centers for Disease Control {CDC]. The news media also gets far higher marks than the Trump administration.

So, regarding the most critical challenge of the 21st Century thus far, Americans are turning to the media and the "deep state" bureaucrats at the CDC to get factual information rather than their President. The irony, the sweet irony.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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