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Wind Energy Surges in US & Wind & Solar Now Create 10% of Global Electricity

We recently reached two milestones in renewable energy production; one nationally, one globally.

Nationally: The Energy Information Administration [EIA] reported that on Tuesday wind power surpassed both coal and nuclear as the 2nd largest source of electricity in the United States. Only natural gas provided us with more electricity on Tuesday. And, yes, it was for only one day, but it shows the potential that renewables have to replace fossil fuels in the United States.

On an annual basis, wind still trails coal and nuclear, but each year it's closing the gap. In 2021, it provided 9.2% of our electricity and combined with other renewables such as solar and hydropower contributed more than 20% to our electricity needs.

Perhaps the best news from the EIA report is that coal is continuing to decline as an electricity source nationally, replaced by natural gas and renewables.

Globally: According to research from Ember, a climate and energy think tank, wind turbines and solar panels generated 10% of the world's electricity, last year. That's twice the rate of 2015 when the Paris Climate Agreement was signed. Overall, clean energy sources generated 38% of the world's electricity in 2021.

The Netherlands, Australia, and Vietnam led the way in switching to clean energy. All three have moved a tenth of their electricity demand from fossil fuels to green sources in the last two years.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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