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Why do Taller People Achieve Greater Career Success? Researchers Now have Some Answers

There is a large body of research documenting that taller individuals have greater career success and earn larger salaries in both developed and developing nations. Studies have shown that each additional centimeter of height is associated with a 1.30% increase in annual income. This is true even in occupations in which height should play no role such as white collar desk jobs in rich nations.

Researchers have long wondered why and some have suggested that short people face employment discrimination [think Randy Newman's "Short People" song]. However, a new university study conducted in China has found evidence that there are less insidious reasons for the differences in career earnings potential.

Forbes: "Instead, the authors [of the study] favor an “early environment” explanation, such that people who grow up in healthy, constructive environments become taller, smarter, and more successful than those who grow up in impoverished, destructive environments."
"The authors write, “Observed height may act as a signal of beneficial circumstances for developing higher cognitive/non-cognitive skills during childhood or early life.”

So, in other words, greater height in adults reflects such things as better health and nutrition and a more nurturing household which provide real cognitive advantages later in life.

The authors of the study conclude that if policy makers have some interest in rectifying the situation, they should support early childhood health, nutrition and educational programs for those in disadvantaged circumstances.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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