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Watching Trump Concoct "Obamagate" is like Witnessing a Six Year Old Explain How a Vase Got Broken

Your six year old is running through the house, bumps a table sending one of your favorite vases crashing to the floor. You ask them what happened and they stutter a bit as they explain something about an odd gust of wind and weak table legs. They then add something about the family dog, for good measure. Congratulations, you have witnessed Donald Trump concocting an Obama conspiracy theory. To be fair, your six year old is generally more creative, and way more convincing.

Susan Glasser has a wonderful piece in the New Yorker explaining Donald Trump's recent efforts to change the subject on his woeful pandemic response and create a new alternative universe for the "Fox and Friends" crowd.

The New Yorker: “Obamagate” is niche programming for the Trump superfan audience. If you don’t get it, that doesn’t matter; you’re not supposed to. It’s a slogan, a rallying cry. Details are all but irrelevant. At 8:57 p.m. on Wednesday, Trump sent out an all-caps tweet. The message consisted solely of the word “OBAMAGATE” followed by an exclamation point. To those not following Trump as a daily soap opera, it might seem like a desperate diversionary tactic from a floundering President. To his supporters, it made perfect sense. Which is why, when Trump followed up on Thursday morning, with an equally angry and cryptic demand that Obama be called to testify before the Senate—about what was entirely unclear—news organizations mostly ignored him in favor of the morning’s testimony by the recently fired head of vaccines at the Department of Health and Human Services, or, as the Drudge Report called Richard Bright, the “whistleblower of doom.” Except for Fox News, that is, which obliged the President with a banner headline."

Glasser's piece is brilliant, ... and hilarious! And, explains so much about the wacky world of Donald Trump and his supporters.

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By: Don Lam & Wonderful Curated Content

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