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Trumpsters Like Rep. Madison Cawthorn Portray 1/6 Insurrectionists as Patriots, New Rally Planned

By the time we get to the 2024 election, some of the zany misfits and white supremacists who attacked the Capital on Jan. 6th will probably be running to represent districts in the very institution that they tried to destroy. Yes, even imagining that is insane, but within the conservative media bubble the violent insurrectionists are being recast as patriots and martyrs.

On Sunday, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina spoke to supporters in Macon County, N.C., echoing former President Donald Trump’s election fraud lies, referred to defendants in the Capitol riot cases as “political hostages,” vowed to “bust them out,” and hinted that further political violence is being contemplated.

Forbes: "asked by one supporter in the context of Jan. 6 when he plans to “call us to Washington again,” Cawthorn replied, “We are actively working on that one.”
"After briefly brandishing a shotgun, Cawthorn said if elections “continue to be stolen,” it will “lead to one place, and that’s bloodshed,” adding that he is “willing to defend liberty at all costs” and would dread taking “arms against a fellow American.”

After briefly trying to blame Black Lives Matter activists for the insurrection [the usual suspects for conservatives], Donald Trump and his acolytes have switched gears to glorify the rioters as American heroes defending their beleaguered President. And, Trump himself, as usual, is the cheerleader.

Marketwatch: “They were there for one reason, the rigged election,” he told Fox News ...."
“They felt the election was rigged. That’s why they were there. And they were peaceful people. These were great people. The crowd was unbelievable. And I mentioned the word love. The love — the love in the air, I have never seen anything like it.”

Trump's bizarre attempt to rebrand the insurrection as a love-in is now the go-to right-wing narrative regarding the attack on the Capital despite hours of video footage that catalogs the violence on January 6th. If Trump has proved anything, it's that evidence is meaningless to his supporters. They buy into all of his "big lies" because they desperately want them to be true, need them to be true. Evidence has very little to do with it.

And, so on Sept. 18th, Trumpists will again gather in Washington to support the 1/6 insurrectionists. The ill-named "Justice for J6" rally is planned for the Union Square plaza on the Capitol grounds. The purpose of the rally will be to further whitewash the attempted insurrection in January. Expect lots of speeches filled with the type of nonsense Madison Cawthorn spewed in North Carolina on Sunday.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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