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Trump's Wacky Fox Interview & CNN's Sunday Special Called “All The President’s Lies”

As we have documented many more times than we would like, Donald Trump lies constantly, about everything, big and small. It's a problem, but not one that his supporters seem to care much about. But, little by little, it's changing how America discusses politics and public policy, and how we are perceived globally by allies and enemies. And it's unraveling the social fabric of our nation by undermining our faith in our most important institutions and our shared confidence in objective truth.

Yesterday the President ranted for an hour on "Fox and Friends," rarely allowing the hosts an opportunity to follow-up on his most brazen falsehoods. When several members of the Fox panel tried to correct some obvious whoppers, he just steamrolled right through their comments to the next lie or conspiracy theory. CNN published a preliminary list of 18 misstatements of fact from the interview and are still checking others. And these aren't inconsequential fibs or slips of the tongue; they are bald-face lies that concern substantive matters regarding the impeachment inquiry and important public policy questions concerning trade, veterans affairs, and Syria policy. It's part of a disinformation war on the public and it's undermining our public institutions.

How bad is it and does it matter that the President at least tries to tell us the truth? On Sunday at 9:00 PM, CNN will air a special called All The President’s Lies,” which will examine the ways that the President's mendacity is impacting America in how we formulate public policy, interact with one another, and conduct business, research, and international relations.

It should be fascinating.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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