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Trump's Election Fraud Claims are About Raising Money & Maintaining Control of the GOP

Donald Trump has always known that he lost the election and so have his supporters, and both statements are easy to prove. All the fuss about a "stolen election" is just kabuki theater meant to gin up Trump's fundraising and provide a pretext for his continued grip on the GOP.

If Trump actually thought that he lost because of massive election fraud, he would not have hired Rudy Giuliani to make the case. At this point in his career, no one would hire Rudy to sue someone in small claims court, let alone handle a case of historic importance. No, you hire Rudy to run around and yell "fire," even if there isn't any smoke, and Trump needed someone who wouldn't scrutinize the case too closely.

And, if the President's supporters really believed in their heart of hearts that the election had been stolen from their hero, there would be tens of thousands marching with their Trump flags and assault rifles in state capitals across the country. Organizers have been hard pressed to get a few hundred diehards to show up at local protests and the Million Trumpster March in Washington came up about 990,000 marchers short.

Trump has fabricated this whole insane mess so that he can raise money for future political activities, and since election day he has collected more than $150 million. His email solicitations tell supporters that the money is needed to pay for his "Election Defense Fund," but the fine print says that the first 75% of every contribution will go to a new political action committee that the President established in November.

Additionally, Trump knows that presidents usually leave office to retire and write their memoires, exiting the political stage to allow their successors some room to fulfill their election mandate. But, Trump has no intention of leaving quietly and his allegations of fraud give him a pretext to stay in the limelight, keep a grip on the GOP. and rumble across the nation holding MAGA rallies, spouting nonsense, and sowing chaos. That's what Donald Trump does best.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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