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Trump's Claim That He is an Environmentalist & How the Media Should Handle His Most Outrageous Lies

Donald Trump claimed that he’s an environmentalist at a press conference after he skipped the G-7 meeting on climate change. "I'm an environmentalist," Trump said. "I think I know more about the environment than most people."

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, some media outlets published his claim as if it's still a debatable topic about which reasonable people could differ. For instance:

ABC News Via Twitter: "Asked if he is still skeptical about climate change, Trump says he's an "environmentalist," who wants clean air and water, and he touts U.S. energy production: "The United States has tremendous wealth ... I'm not going to lose it on dreams, on windmills"

Yes, most media outlets then went on to describe his abysmal environmental record to balance Trump's claims, but he had already accomplished his goal of confusing the issue just enough to satisfy some within his base who might have a bit of an environmental conscience. Trump's strategy is transparent; he is going to call himself an environmentalist right up until the 2020 election while gutting EPA oversight and undermining any effort to address climate change.

So, note to the media: Stop allowing Trump to obfuscate on issues like the environment about which there is no longer a reasonable debate. Of course you have a duty to be objective, non-partisan, but you do not have an obligation to abet a scam.

How should we handle President Trump's most outrageous lies?

1. Lead with a headline that undermines his distortion of the truth. For instance, regarding his claim to be an environmentalist, make the lie the story.

"Trump Lies About His Environmental Record at G7 Summit"

2. Undermine his "big lie" technique by discussing the strategy every time Trump tries to employ it. Don't let him continually repeat the same lies over and over without paying a price. Remind readers [listeners] that he is "gaslighting" them; attempting to slowly wear away their ability to recognize propaganda and lies.

Trump had his way with the press in 2016 and he is betting that he can manipulate the narrative just enough in 2020 to allow him to squeak out one more victory.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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