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Trump is Laying a Trap With His 4th of July Rally & Not Even Pretending It's Non-partisan

Donald Trump is attempting to hijack patriotism on the Fourth of July, and will argue that all that oppose his garish campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow are un-American. It's a simplistic strategy that goes back at least as far as Richard Nixon and his characterization of those who opposed the Vietnam War.

Trump's plan reflects his cynical view of his base and average Americans, rubes unable to see through his wily machinations, incapable of understanding that he is manipulating their patriotism.

CNN: "On national TV, he can pose once again as the patriotic and defiant scourge of elites who sneer at the values of heartland Americans -- the strategy he used to win election in 2016 and on which he is banking to claim a second term."

Ironic that an individual who skipped out on Vietnam and heaps unending scorn on an American hero like John McCain is wrapping himself in the flag, but Trump has always believed that he can "repackage" reality to meet his political needs.

And Trump's claim that he intends the event to be non-partisan was shattered yesterday when it was reported that the administration planned a separate VIP area for friends, family, military brass, donors and political supporters.

Washington Post: "The Republican National Committee and Trump’s reelection campaign confirmed that they received special passes to the taxpayer-funded event that they’re giving out to contributors."

Make no mistake, this is a Trump rally with warplanes and tanks and paid for by American taxpayers.

PBS: Rep. Betty McCollum complained, “Mr. Trump is hijacking the celebration and twisting it into a taxpayer-funded, partisan political rally that’s more about promoting a Trumpian cult of personality than the spirit of American independence and freedom. The Minnesota Democrat, who chairs the Interior Appropriations subcommittee, said the Interior Department and the Pentagon have not answered multiple requests for details on how much the event will cost.

On the upside....the Trump baby balloon will be there too.

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By Don Lam & Curated Content

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