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Trump Babbles on About Hunter's Laptop as Virus Cases Spike to New Record

In the closing days of the campaign, the Trump campaign continues to try to tie Hunter Biden's business dealings to Joe Biden by way of a mysterious laptop delivered to Rudy Giuliani and emails provided by two disgruntled former business partners of Hunter. The problem is that even if you believe Rudy and accept everything at face value [which almost no one does], there is no evidence of impropriety by Joe Biden, none, and that's from Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

They said, "Former vice president says he had no involvement; corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden."

And, dozens of national security experts have suggested that the whole secret found laptop thing looks like Vladimir Putin's last shot at getting Trump reelected.

So, why does Donald Trump prattle on about the story? Simply put, he has no other line of attack on Biden. Trying to paint the famously moderate Biden as a socialist has bombed, and "sleepy Joe" has proven to be far more lucid and articulate than the President had hoped.

Moreover, it's about all Trump has to divert the public's attention from the frightening spike in Covid cases. The United States set a record yesterday with 85,000 new cases reported, and the President's only answer is to assure Americans that we are "turning the corner," something that most of us have heard way too many times from Trump. If we turn one more corner we will be back where we started, and that is far from reassuring.

So, unless some unforeseen event changes the narrative, expect Trump to continue his jaunt through the nation's battleground states, igniting new virus outbreaks as he goes, and inventing ever more ludicrous stories about Hunter Biden's secret life. It will be a fitting end to a political career built on Barack Obama's birth certificate and Hillary Clinton's emails.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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