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Trump Approval Plummets as He Continues to Mismanage Pandemic, Putting Lives & the Economy at Risk

Donald Trump's approval for handling the Covid-19 pandemic continues to plummet as Americans realize that the President has become an obstacle to defeating the virus. Only about a third of us approve of the President's leadership during the crisis.

ABC: "Evaluation of Trump's oversight of the COVID-19 crisis reached a new low since ABC News/Ipsos began surveying on the coronavirus in March, with 67% disapproving of his efforts"...

The results of the survey are especially damning because Americans historically rally around a president during times of crisis even if they aren't entirely confident of his leadership.

The survey captures the unease most Americans have with Trump's rush to reopen the economy prematurely and downplay the threat posed by the virus, even as confirmed cases climb and set new daily records.

Moreover, his decisions to withdraw from the World Health Organization, threaten public schools if they don't reopen, and continue to hold rallies all seem counter-productive to beating the virus. And, recently his public messaging about wearing masks, testing, and the seriousness of the disease all seem wholly at odds with the facts, with his medical advisors having to correct his misstatements daily.

And, to a growing number of Americans, the results speak for themselves. Nations like Germany and Vietnam that aggressively addressed the virus with lock-downs, strict mask and social distancing regulations, and an unified, science-based message have fared much better than the United States and Brazil.

Business Insider: "A growing body of evidence in the form of economic indicators suggests that the countries that locked down the fastest and in the most aggressive fashion at the start of the coronavirus pandemic are seeing the quickest economic recoveries."
"Germany and Vietnam are two economies that locked down rapidly early in the pandemic, and are already looking to be undergoing a rapid V-shaped recovery."

In the biggest challenge he has faced as President, Donald Trump has failed the nation and most Americans have noticed.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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