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This Holiday Season You Can Support Illuminate & Women's Artisan Co-ops in Guatemala & Get 15% Off

As many of you know, Illuminate Fair Trade supports artisan cooperatives in Guatemala. Your purchases sustain our work there and in the United States.

We are a "social business" that adheres to "Fair Trade" principles. We were established in November 2000 to support craft and weaving cooperatives in the Guatemala. Every product we sell is handmade by talented Mayan artisans. We strive to preserve traditional methods of hand weaving while providing a steady & fair income to the artisans. As Fair Traders, we pay artisans at least 50 percent more than they are paid within their local market.

This holiday season, we ask that you support our work with these wonderful artisans and would like offer you a bit of an incentive:

Holiday Sale Event & FREE Shipping: Now through Dec. 31st, 15% off on our handmade and fair trade quilts, pillow covers, bedspreads, throws, and bags. And, FREE Shipping! Use coupon code ILLUM2. Here is the link to our store.

Thank you for your support! And have a safe, happy, and healthy Holiday Season!


By: Don Lam

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Shop and Support Illuminate. Handmade and Fair Trade Bags, Throws, Bedspreads, Table Runners and Pillow Covers. See them Here!
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See Our Handmade Bedspreads & Throws Here
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