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The Photo That Will Now Define the Trump Presidency

This week, for the first time in American history, the Confederate battle flag, also known as the Beauregard battle flag, was carried by insurrectionists within the nation's capital building. Southern troops got within shouting distance during the Civil War, but never inside.

One of Donald Trump's supporters carried it with him when rioters breached the Capital building this week and photographers from Reuters and Getty captured the image.

Whatever the battle flag may have meant to the soldiers of the Confederacy, the symbol has become synonymous with white supremacy. Those that argue that it's really just a demonstration of southern pride, obviously haven't met any of the folks that drive around with it attached to their pick-up trucks. They fully understand the message they are sending to black Americans.

So, this photo of the flag being carried within our "Citadel of Liberty" is deeply disturbing. But, it also captures so much of the Trump presidency, and those that came to Washington to overturn the election. For a President tied so closely to the white nationalist and Christian nationalist movements, it may become his defining moment, the Trump administration's defining image.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

Photo Credit: CNN, Reuters and Getty

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