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The Gig Economy Keeps Growing and Its Participants are Generally Happy

New Research by SHRM-SCP, a human resource professionals organization, finds that external workers or "gig workers" are happier than commonly thought and most don't take such jobs because they can't find permanent employment.

And that's fortunate because the gig economy continues to grow in the US. "Gallup research last year found that 29 percent of U.S. workers have an alternative work arrangement as their primary job—including one in four full-time workers (24 percent). When Gallup included workers who have any connection with gig work—for example, those who work multiple jobs—that proportion is 36 percent, meaning more than 1 in 3 workers have some type of gig economy job."

The SHRM survey found that many external workers liked their jobs because it provided flexibility in scheduling their work hours and allowed them to work from home or other remote locations. They feel more in control of their lives, and can focus on family needs when necessary.

Corporations also appreciate the flexibility that external workers give them, allowing them to increase or decrease staff quickly as business demands.

The study found, however, that gig workers worry that their jobs aren't helping them save for retirement. They also feel that they get should get more credit for their contributions to the success of their companies.

If you have some interest in finding a "gig" to make some extra money or renting a spare room or car [the sharing economy], one place to start is and here is a recent listing of the top 100 gig or sharing economy companies.

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