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The Cannabis Market is Changing with More Weed Heading South to Mexico from the US

After decades of cannabis trafficking from Mexico to the US, the tide is turning as California's high-quality weed is now pouring across the border. Pot is still illegal in Mexico, although there is legislation pending to change that.

Washington Post: "Cannabis sold legally in California is heading south illegally, dominating a booming boutique market across Mexico, where buying and selling the drug is still outlawed. Mexican dealers flaunt their U.S. products, noting them in bold lettering on menus sent to select clients: “IMPORTADO.”

The marijuana heading south from California is being grown legally here under new state laws and then smuggled illegally into Mexico where the price is massively inflated. Wealthier Mexicans are willing to pay higher prices for trendy, high-quality weed.

Washington Post: “The demand here for American weed has exploded,” said one dealer in Mexico City, who estimated that 60 percent of the marijuana he sells now comes from California. The dealer spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of arrest. “It’s aspirational for many of my clients. They want to be seen smoking the best stuff, the stuff rappers brag about smoking.”

There are so many wonderful ironies to this story; one can almost picture the entrepreneurial American and Mexican smugglers in San Diego stuffing their suitcases with California's legendary Purple Punch and Bubba Kush as they plan their trip south and imagine the untold riches that await them.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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