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Supreme Court Appears Likely to Uphold Obamacare Despite Trump's Efforts to Destroy It

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act today, and based on the questions and statements of the Justices, it appears likely that they will uphold the law despite the Trump administration's efforts to destroy it. Most recently, the administration had argued that since Congress in 2017 zeroed out the penalty for failing to obtain health insurance [the individual mandate], the entire law was now unconstitutional. A majority of the Court appears to disagree with that argument.

New York Times: "At least five justices, including two members of the court’s conservative majority, indicated that they were not inclined to strike down the balance of the law. In legal terms, they said the mandate was severable from the rest of the law."
“It does seem fairly clear that the proper remedy would be to sever the mandate provision and leave the rest of the law in place,” said Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh."

The Trump administration's argument was always thought to be unsound, but many worried that the conservatives might muster 5 votes to destroy the law.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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