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Sharpiegate Proves There is Nothing Trump Wouldn't Lie About

On Wednesday the President of the most powerful and technologically advanced nation on earth displayed a map doctored with a Sharpie showing hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama to cover up his erroneous tweet warning that the state would be among the areas “most likely” to be hit by the storm. Try to get your head around that.

While this certainly doesn't rank up there with his whoppers about climate change, the deep state, immigrants and wind mills, it does prove there just isn't a topic too small for Donald Trump to lie about. He just can't help himself.

#sharpiegate is now trending across the planet as the world ridicules our President by drawing pictures with Sharpies to support many of Trump's best known lies.

Washington Post: "Meanwhile, on social media, the hurricane map inspired many people to show off their own artistic abilities, tagging their marked-up images with #sharpiegate."
"Black stick figures appeared on aerial photos from Trump’s inauguration. Crudely drawn walls popped up in the desert. Trump was shown with comically large hands."

And the late night hosts couldn't contain themselves.

Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, via Washington Post: "I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m impressed that Trump can locate Alabama on a map,” Noah said. “But still, the president of the United States just changed a map with a Sharpie to make himself look right, and he thought we wouldn’t notice.”
“He’s not even trying to hide the lies anymore,” ABC host Jimmy Kimmel said. “Not only do we have fake news, we now have fake weather, too.”

Oddly, this may be the one lie that sticks with the President, that even his supporters have to acknowledge. Climate change and foreign policy are complex, but everyone understands the weather.

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By: Don & Curated Content

Photo credit: Thanks to Kari

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