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Senate Republicans Acquit Trump....and Richard Nixon Too, Just for the Hell of It

Obviously, I'm joking about Nixon, but there is little doubt that this craven group of Republicans would have given him a pass too had his impeachment gotten that far. Nixon's crimes pale in comparison to Trump's bribery scheme, and even "Tricky Dick" wouldn't have imagined inviting a foreign power to interfere in a US election. We took such things very seriously back in those days. Today, however, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham apparently view it as just another day in the Oval Office.

Trump's acquittal was baked in from the start and McConnell gave the game away early on. However, after the revelations from John Bolton's book, there was renewed hope that a handful of Republicans would put country over party and permit a fair trial. Bolton gave Senators exactly what they said they needed, a first party witness to the scheme. But then Alan Dershowitz gave Republicans a new defense, albeit a laughable and dangerous one, and the President kept his troops in line with his Twitter finger.

In the end, the Senate acquitted the President, as expected, with a party-line vote....except for that pesky Mitt Romney. Romney is the first Senator to ever vote to impeach a President of his own party, and boy is he paying for it [Don Jr. is really a chip off the old block]. Senator Romney was courageous and his vote will reverberate throughout the coming election and long after the scourge of this presidency has passed. And his Republican Senate colleagues will hate him for it because he showed them what patriotism looks like. They REALLY, didn't want to be reminded.

If one is looking for some comic relief in this whole national tragedy, there is Sen. Susan Collins of Maine saying that she wouldn't vote to remove Trump because he’s “learned from this case.” I can't even image how she said it with a straight face.

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By Don Lam & Curated Content

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