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Satire in the Age of Trump: Pres. to Cut WHO Funds Unless They Certify that He's Not Morbidly Obese

It's easy to forget that the United States used to be a serious country run by thoughtful adults intent on formulating policies based on science and research rather than conspiracy theories and petty jealousies. Each day since Donald Trump took office we've been barraged with mindless, cringe-worthy episodes of the Trump family reality show and sometimes it's difficult to take anything coming from the White House seriously.

And, some mornings you wish you wrote for the "Onion" because no one has an easier job than those folks. Our President is a walking punchline and his eldest sons are his stupid, evil accomplices, somehow making Trump's conspiracy theories sound even more far fetched than they already were. So, yes, writing satire seems to be one of the "essential" businesses thriving during this pandemic; how could it not. How's this:

Trump says it's OK for Pompeo to ask staff to iron his underwear if the 'little woman" isn't at home.

And that isn't far off from what he really said!


By: Don Lam

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