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Sam Fender's "Seventeen Going Under," a Fresh, Serious, and Glorious New Rock Album

I recently read a comment about Sam Fender that perfectly nails my own thoughts about the British artist; "This guy is once in a generation good. To be young is universal, to evoke the condition of youth is a very special talent." There are many wonderful songs about love, longing, and loss, but many of the rock artists that have endured are ones that capture the fears, hopes, and dreams of a generation - Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young spring to mind. On his new album, Seventeen Going Under, Sam Fender shows a similar ability. The reviews have been stellar; here are a few examples.

The Guardian: "Seventeen Going Under feels urgent, incisive and brave when it would have been easier for Fender to deck out his festival-ready, TikTok-able melodies with something notably blander and less pointed. Instead, Seventeen Going Under is an album rooted in 2021 that, in spirit at least, seems to look back 40-something years, to the brief early 80s period when Top of the Pops played host to the Specials and the Jam. The result is really powerful." "Seventeen Going Under is a superbly written and brutally honest collection of songs that will only elevate his growing status.... The sonics may be born in the USA, but this is the work of an exceptional young British songwriter and guitarist with enormous talent."

Evening Standard UK: "Seventeen Going Under is profoundly sad and also a euphoric singalong. It’s hard to know how to feel while listening to it, other than certain it’s a triumph."


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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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