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Rudy Giuliani Continues to Humiliate Himself in the Service of Donald Trump

Donald Trump's personal lawyer and former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani seems intent on regularly embarrassing himself as he scrambles to regain the stature that he once enjoyed as "America's Mayor" after 9/11. It's difficult now to remember that for a time he was the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. That came crashing down after the Florida primary and his career cratered after that.

Rudy then morphed into the fading rock star who can only get gigs in Holiday Inn lounges. In Giuliani's case, Donald Trump and Fox News threw him a lifeline, which probably represents a step down from Holiday Inn. Trump knew that Giuliani would undertake work that real law firms would shy away from and lately that includes wandering Eastern Europe looking for dirt on the Biden family. Vladimir Putin knows a charity case when he sees one so he threw him some scraps along the way, including the now infamous Hunter Biden "laptop" which intelligence officials have labeled as part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

So Rudy's cringe-worthy scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new “Borat” satire, is just the latest example of Rudy's seemingly endless public humiliation. In the film, Cohen catches Giuliani following an actress impersonating a reporter into a bedroom where he reclines on the bed with his hands in his pants. Giuliani claims that he was just readjusting his clothing, but Americans will get to judge for themselves when Cohen's film is released this weekend.

It's easy to feel a bit sorry for Rudy, but you really shouldn't. He's a Trump enabler who apparently feels quite comfortable within an administration replete with bigots, liars and conspiracy theorists. Giuliani is within his element and his lies and deranged theories are really not any more wacky than the President's endless nonsense. Rudy and Trump need each other, feed each other's delusions and it's been that way since the beginning. Consider this piece by Brooks Kraft, titled "Is Rudy Giulliani Losing His Mind" from 2016 in Politico:

Politico: "It might seem like this summer has marked a sad break with that old Rudy, or proved him a sellout. But if you’ve followed Giuliani’s career, in fact it’s clear he swallowed the whole Trump persona many years ago—the race-baiting, the law-and-order pose, the incessant lying used to both steal credit and avoid responsibility. What we’re seeing this summer isn’t a crackup: It’s the inevitable, supernova explosion of what long ago became one of the most toxic and overrated political careers in our history. It’s tempting to count the 72-year-old Giuliani one more addition to the Island of Misfit Toys that Trump has gathered around him—another one of the political relics who, seeking to restore relevance, have found themselves denatured by the strange public power of Trump. But a better way to see it might be as a man seizing the star turn he never quite got—grabbing time in slow stretches of the campaign to stand on the national stage and play the role that was supposed to be his, exactly the way he thinks it should be played."

Rudy may be the only true believer in the Trump administration, the rest using the President to further their own political careers [Pence] or achieve some policy goal [Miller]. And, that is the reason that Trump doesn't fire him as he has so many others, despite Giuliani's many failures and humiliations. Rudy is the President's "brother by another mother." And, if Trump is defeated on Nov. 3rd, Giuliani will be gone too. Fox might give him some air time for a few months, but even they will soon lose his phone number.

Last week, Rudy's daughter, Caroline Rose Giuliani, signaled that she is eager to help her dad into retirement in her article endorsing Joe Biden for president.

Caroline Giuliani: "I may not be able to change my father’s mind, but together, we can vote this toxic administration out of office."
"Trump and his enablers have used his presidency to stoke the injustice that already permeated our society, taking it to dramatically new, Bond-villain heights."

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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