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Research We Didn't Need; In Selecting a Mate Women Consider Personality & Money; Men Focus On Looks

New research conducted by several Australian academics has found that females evaluate their potential mates based on income, personality, and emotional connection, but men focus more on physical attractiveness.

I sincerely hope this study wasn't too expensive or time consuming.

I'm sure there are some new tidbits of knowledge to be gleaned from the study, but on an "obviousness scale" it's right up there with "Saudi women lack equal rights," and "Republicans have a bit of a race problem."

It's rare to find hilarious comments posted on science oriented websites concerning academic research, but this one elicited some wonderful responses. A selection below:

"Experts are now set to establish whether the Pope is really Catholic — and what bears do in the woods."
"I think the sociologist Young MC put it best when he opined “Got no money and you got no car / Then you got no woman, and there you are.”
"I think this has been common knowledge for a few hundred... thousand? years. I don't understand the purpose of the study."

We can now consider this matter settled. Right?


By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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