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Research: So Far, the Covid Vaccines have been Even More Effective than Expected

Thus far, the various Covid-19 vaccines have been even more effective in preventing the disease than early drug trials suggested.

ScienceAlert: "Of the 75 million people across the US who were fully vaccinated as of Tuesday, some 5,800 had still tested positive for COVID-19, in what's known as a "breakthrough infection," according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)."

Breakthrough infections have occurred in only 0.008% of the people who've had their shots and had two full weeks for them to take effect.

Moreover, most individuals that do come down with the coronavirus after vaccination are getting milder cases.

ScienceAlert: "The new figures from the CDC also suggest that the authorized COVID-19 vaccines are nearly perfect at preventing death, as clinical trials had suggested: With 74 fatalities in 75 million people fully vaccinated, the vaccines appeared to be 99.99 percent effective."

This data is quite encouraging and it's vital that news of the few "breakthrough infections," and the even smaller percentage of individuals that suffer side effects after vaccination, don't obscure the overall success. Day by day, we are defeating the scourge, but there will still be casualties and heartbreak along the path to victory.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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