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Research: Rideshare Companies Are Reducing Drunken Driving & Car Accidents

It has been widely speculated that rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft would reduce drunken driving, but until recently there hasn't been a lot of research on the subject. It would be an important development because about one-third of all motor vehicle accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol, and accidents, including motor vehicle crashes, cause more than 170,000 deaths in the US each year, the third leading cause of death.

A new study published in JAMA Surgery suggests that rideshare services have reduced impaired driving more than we could have hoped. With rideshare services readily available, Houston reduced the number of convictions for impaired driving in the city by 24% during a six-year period.

More importantly, accidents resulting from impaired driving also fell. After Uber began operations in Houston in February 2014, injuries from motor vehicle crashes decreased by 24% during peak periods on Friday and Saturday nights.

JAMA Surg.: "Rideshare volume had a significant negative correlation with the incidence of motor vehicle–associated trauma, and this was most evident in those younger than 30 years; a significant decrease in convictions for impaired driving was associated with the introduction of rideshare services."

We now need a larger national study, but the researchers are confident that the results in Houston are mirrored in cities across America. Ridesharing services are saving lives and reducing accidents and arrests.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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