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Please Help Us Support Tashe - Ukraine Artist, Mother, & Refugee

Mothers are taking heartbreaking measures under perilous conditions to escape war zones and protect their children. Today, we share our story of Tashe, mother of 2 boys, Ukraine artist and how you can help. Tashe lived in the peaceful Kiev region with her husband, two young sons, and their dog Juk. Like millions of others, she was forced to separate from her husband and parents to take her sons to a safe place and flee the advancing Russian army.

They finally crossed the Hungarian border and found refuge with a kind Hungarian family. Every morning is spent trying to reach her husband and her parents, “are you safe?”. Tashe's only means of living is her art so she carried her inks and drawings with her.

She is an accomplished artist. Her inspirations are the celebration of women, their beauty, coffee time, city life and love.

We have collected her drawings over the years. They are passionate, perceptive, full of personality and arrive carefully packaged. She recently re-opened her Artfinder and Etsy stores and is able to ship them to you from Hungary. It is her sole means of support right now. Please consider supporting Tashe and her family by purchasing her artworks through Etsy or Artfinder. · On Artfinder find her at Tashe, · On Etsy find her at TasheArt,

With heartfelt thanks for your support of Tashe, and the people of Ukraine. As Tashe would say, "Each sunrise brings a new day filled with hopes for a new beginning".

You can keep up with her life on Twitter here.

#art By: Don and Brooke Lam

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