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"Oozy" Giuliani & America's Four Years of Humiliation & Hilarity

Rudy Giuliani's news conference meltdown yesterday was just another cringe-worthy moment in the Trump era, joining the President's hilarious rants about toilet flushing, injecting disinfectants, and cancer causing wind turbines, among so many others. Historians generally capture presidencies in their soring speeches, inspiring policy achievements, and fireside chats. The four years of Donald Trump will be remembered as the "era of stupid," when America lost its mind, and Rudy Giuliani reminded us all yesterday of just how far down the rabbit hole we've gone.

If he wasn't such a vile human being, you could have felt a bit of sympathy for "America's mayor," as he howled like a madman, black hair dye pouring into his ears and streaming down his cheek. The New York Daily New dubbed him "Oozy" Giulliani and the memes circled the globe even before he had finished his fact-free rant on national television.

Rudy's public humiliation also reminds you of how much work President-elect Joe Biden has ahead of him in order to rebuild the nation's image and reputation. It's as if America went on a four-year bender, finally got sober, and now wants a job, wants to be trusted again. I suspect the world will want to see some progress first, afraid that we will backslide, fall off the wagon. That's probably wise. 47% of Americans voted for an narcissistic imbecile... again. So, yeah, perhaps we can't be trusted just yet.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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