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Only 35% of Brits Still Support Brexit & Support for the EU has Grown All Across Europe

The widely respected European Social Survey has found that most Brits now regret leaving the European Union [EU]. Only 35% still support Brexit, with 57% wishing that they had remained a part of the European Union. Of course, it's a bit too late, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now driving the bus over the cliff.

This change of heart was inevitable. Brexit was always an incredibly bad idea, and pretty much every British economist and former Prime Minister had attempted to warn the British people. But anti-immigrant fervor tinged with a bit of "white nationalism" and xenophobia overcame their good senses and they narrowly voted to leave in 2016.

Since that vote, support for Brexit has slowly declined as reality sunk in. We documented some of that in May, quoting from a well researched piece by Kimberly Amadeo: "The bottom line; leaving the EU will mean slower growth, more expensive products, less trade, and a depleted workforce." Additionally, anti-immigrant sentiment has waned in the UK since 2016. So, the results in the European Social Survey aren't all that surprising.

And, there may be a silver lining to this whole fiasco; despite worries that Brexit might lead to greater opposition to the union in other member nations, the survey found that support for EU membership had increased substantially across Europe. This seems to suggest that the UK's rocky Brexit experience and all the economic research on the probable consequences convinced the rest of Europe to stay put. And that is a good thing, for the continent and the world.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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