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New Polling Shows That Almost No One Trusts Trump or the White House to be Truthful

President Trump's lack of honesty now reflects poorly on all communications coming from the White House. A new CNN poll finds that 71% of Americans say they trust little or nothing of what they hear from official White House communications. And, only 9% say they trust almost all of what the President and members of his administration say.

9%! Fewer than one in ten Americans have a high confidence level in what comes out of the White House. That is a tragedy and a national disgrace.

Many media outlets will largely ignore this as the inevitable result of a President who can't tell the truth about anything, but it's more important than that. Donald Trump is undermining the faith Americans have in their government in ways that won't soon be undone. The most important asset that any leader has is the trust of the people they serve. It will take decades for future Presidents to rebuild that trust.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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