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Mueller Details Trump Team Lies But This Will be Settled at the Ballot Box in 2020

Those that seek Donald Trump's impeachment have focused on several exchanges yesterday during Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress that make the case that the President and his associates welcomed the assistance of Russia and willfully impeded the special counsel's investigation.

For example, during the second hearing Chairman Adam B. Schiff asked Mueller about the Trump campaign's use of the documents stolen by Russian hackers:

SCHIFF: The Trump campaign officials built their strategy, their messaging strategy, around those stolen documents? MUELLER: Generally, that’s true. SCHIFF: And then they lied to cover it up? MUELLER: Generally, that’s true.

There was also this exchange with Rep. Val Demings during the earlier hearing in which Mueller agreed that there was an pervasive pattern of deception by Trump's associates:

DEMINGS: According to your report, Page 9, Volume 1, witnesses lied to your offices and to Congress. Those lies materially impaired the investigation of Russia interference, according to your report. Other than the individuals who pled guilty to crimes based on their lying to you and your team, did other witnesses lie to you? MUELLER: I think there are probably a spectrum of witnesses in terms of those who are not telling the full truth and those who are outright liars.

What will result from the Mueller hearings yesterday. Not much. Trump, with the acquiescence of Fox News and talk radio, will continue to argue that he was exonerated, and despite overwhelming evidence of deception and obstruction, only about half of the public at large will back impeachment proceedings. Trump supporters were already aware that he and those in his administration aren't wedded to the truth, and many independents just want Congress to move on to issues like health care and education.

So, those that abhor Trump's lies, self-dealing, detestable rhetoric and profound incompetence must now focus on defeating him in 2020. There are no short-cuts to ridding this nation of Donald Trump and his hateful ideology; this will be decided at the ballot box and the President will drag this nation into the gutter to stay in office. As Joe Biden recently said, It will be a battle for the "soul of this nation."

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By: Don Lam and curated content

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