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Much Like His Presidency, Trump's Social Network is a Spectacular Failure

Donald Trump's Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, got off to a rocky start and things have gone downhill from there. Many potential users have been assigned to seemingly endless waitlists and the folks that have successfully accessed the social network are less than impressed.

The Hill: "The nascent social media platform initially roared onto the scene, capturing the top spot for free downloads on the Apple app store market. But after less than 20 days, Truth Social finds itself far down the list at 116, right between the app for DoorDash drivers and a game in which a genie guesses internet celebrities."

And, according to SimilarWeb, which tracks website traffic, Truth Social's visits peaked at about 2 million daily visits when it first launched in February but quickly crashed to less than 300,000 visits soon after that.

Sources told The Daily Beast recently that Trump is livid with Truth Social's rollout and has been heard on the phone asking “What the fuck is going on” with the social network.

The former President now seems hesitant to be associated with the site and hasn't posted in weeks, and Melania Trump has a “special arrangement” to share “exclusive communications” with Parler, the right-wing social network that Truth Social competes with. Most of the other well-known conservative commentators on the platform are simply cutting and pasting posts from Twitter.

Investor Place: "Truth Social was launched with much hype and fanfare by Donald Trump and his supporters in mid-February. However, since its launch, the social media site that is a near identical clone to Twitter has proven to be a bust. A headline from online magazine Slate sums up the situation best: “Pretty Much No One Is Using Trump’s New Social Media App (Not Even Trump).”

It's still possible that Truth Social could limp along until after the midterms and then expand quickly as the Trump campaign's official communication network, but it's more likely that it will join Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, and the Trump presidency as a spectacular failure.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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