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McSweeney's Catalog of Trump's Worst "Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions & Crimes"

Probably the best day-to-day accounting of Donald Trump's often corrupt and hilariously incompetent administration can be found at McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Ben Parker, Stephanie Steinbrecher, Kelsey Ronan, John McMurtrie, Sophia DuRose, Rachel Villa, and Amy Sumerton have taken on the unenviable task of cataloging the President's daily devilry and mischief. They title their work, "LEST WE FORGET THE HORRORS: A CATALOG OF TRUMP’S WORST CRUELTIES, COLLUSIONS, CORRUPTIONS, AND CRIMES, THE COMPLETE LISTING, (SO FAR): ATROCITIES 1-796."

Their work is an encyclopedia length account of chicanery and skullduggery, never before seen in American history. Some entries will elicit moans, others laughter, but by the end you are simply amazed that this vile individual remains in the White House and shamed by how far we have fallen as a nation.

But then, you feel even worse when you realize that their listing isn't exhaustive and that you could probably add ten more pages. When will this nightmare end?

And, while you are at McSweeney's check out the satire piece titled, "DONALD TRUMP JR. REVIEWS FAMOUS WORKS OF LITERATURE. Priceless!

An example: "Pride and Prejudice"
"I first came across this book when my father was researching potential campaign slogans; it turned out that this one was a no-go due to copyright issues. Pride and Prejudice is a classic human-merger story about rich people overcoming a series of terrible obstacles to triumph in the end by marrying their own kind. This book was written by a girl."



By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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