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Living in the Old Confederacy: SC Car Dealership Offers AR-15 & a Bible With Every Sale

For a northerner, living in the old confederacy can take some getting used to. Superficially, things aren't so different than living in Central Pennsylvania or New Jersey, but every once in a while you are reminded that some elements of Dixie culture survive. You start to forget the differences and then Pat Robertson will say something crazy about gays and hurricanes, a neighbor will complain about having to "press 1 for English", or a pick-up truck will pass you with large confederate flags plastered to its windows. And a recent promotion by a South Carolina Ford dealer encapsulates it all rather well. Carolina Ford in Honea Path, SC ran this ad on Facebook:

WBTV: “For the months of October and November, Carolina ford will be giving away a Bible, an American Flag and a Smith & Wesson AR with every vehicle purchased!!!!” ...“So if you have been waiting for a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle then now is the time to jump on it.”

Upon hearing the ad, many Northerners would assume it's some kind of an inside joke, a spoof of Southern culture. Nope, quite the opposite. It's meant to appeal to locals feeling a bit put-off by attacks on America's gun culture. And, if you lived in the South, you would realize that the Bible and flag just tie it all together into a rather jingoistic representation of patriotism.

But, Dixie is changing, albeit slowly, and this Ford dealership may get some push-back. While there are still plenty of people that will relate to their message, many folks, especially the young, will view it as an embarrassing reminder of the old South, not yet gone, and certainly not forgotten.


By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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