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Johnson's No-Deal Brexit Drives Support For Welsh & Scottish Independence & N. Ireland Reunification

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues his "Brexit or Bust" campaign, Scotland, N. Ireland, and even Wales are contemplating their future options. Brexit was generally less popular outside of England, and Johnson's willingness to withdraw without a deal with the European Union [EU] is widely seen as reckless. Scotland and Wales are discussing independence as a vehicle to remain within the European Union and the people of N. Ireland are considering reunification with Ireland which is an EU member state.

Unlike Scotland, the Independence movement in Wales has always been small and unorganized and a slight majority voted "Leave." However, as Boris Johnson drives the UK toward a no-deal Brexit cliff, the discussion of independence is moving from the fringe toward the mainstream of political thought.

Breaking News: "More than one third of people in Wales would support the country becoming independent if it meant remaining in the EU, according to new figures."

"The YouGov poll, commissioned by Plaid Cymru, found 33% would back breaking away from the UK – rising to 41% if excluding “don’t knows” –  representing the highest level in polling history."

Opposition to withdrawal from the EU is also strengthening campaigns for N. Ireland to rejoin the Republic of Ireland and for Scottish independence.

A poll by Lord Ashcroft found that support for Irish reunification has risen to 51% in Northern Ireland, when don't knows are excluded.

Reuters: "The question of the unification of Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland will inevitably arise if Britain leaves the European Union without a divorce deal on Oct. 31, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said."

Scotland voted 62-38 for "Remain" in the 2016 referendum, and a poll there last month underlines Brexit's continued unpopularity.

Reuters: Scottish voters would back independence and they want another referendum in the next two years, a poll published on Monday showed, indicating that the United Kingdom could be wrenched apart shortly after it leaves the European Union.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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