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It's Time to End the Trump Family Circus & Return Decency & Integrity to the White House

Joe Biden is the perfect individual to replace Donald Trump and restore honor and integrity to the nation's highest office. Biden isn't exciting, but after four years of the Trump family circus, we could all use a break. No insane late night tweets, no more of Rudy Giuliani's sophomoric schemes or Bill Barr's dubious legal machinations, no more of Stephen Miller's immigration horrors, and far less of Eric, Donald Jr., Jared, and Ivanka.

In 2016, an crazy number of Americans decided it would be a great idea to elect a bigoted, narcissistic, former reality show host and less than ethical real estate developer as president. These folks didn't seem to mind that he hadn't read a book since college, didn't have a clue about public policy and couldn't find Iraq on a map. Like an orange Svengali, he convinced them that he would end the wars, build a wall around America and drain the "swamp." Four years later, he has built 16 miles of wall [repaired a bit more], the wars continue despite all his lamentable attempts to surrender, and the swamp turned out to include everyone who knew what the hell they were doing. Enough already!

Let's be honest, Joe Biden will make mistakes too, but he won't lie to us each and every day and he will be guided by empathy, decency and America's founding values. He will surround himself with experts rather than sycophants, he will listen to science and research and tune out Fox and Friends, and he won't tolerate bigots or coddle dictators.

Joe Biden will be what he has always been, a decent human being trying his best to better the lives of his fellow citizens. And, after four years of lies, incompetence and corruption, he is exactly what America needs.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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