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It's Simple; Your "Liberty" Does Not Include the Right to Infect Other People With a Deadly Disease

The truth is that the vaccinated population is fed up with the litany of inane excuses that unvaccinated people have for not getting the shots. No one wants to hear one more word about microchips and weird sterilization myths. At first, it was mildly humorous, but now it's preventing us from reaching herd immunity within the overall population and forcing the rational portion of the country to strap on masks again to protect ourselves from the idiots. Enough already.

Because of the greater risks posed by the highly transmissible Delta variant, it is absolutely essential that the nation reaches herd immunity. Breakthrough infections will become more common until we reach that level of immunization. So, every person who gives you an excuse risks lives in your community. This is not a question of "liberty;" this is a public health necessity and those that refuse immunization prevent us from defeating the virus and returning to normal.

If you cut through all the conspiracy theories and right-wing hyperbole it's not all that complicated. Please, please get vaccinated.

#coronavirus #health

By: Don Lam

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