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It's Simple; Trump Incited a Deadly Attack on the Capital to Bolster His Insane Election Fantasies

Donald Trump's second impeachment trial is not a waste of time despite the likely outcome. America needs a detailed record of the former President's utter contempt for truth, the nation's values, and the rule of law. We all need to see the results of Trump's lies and careless incitement to violence, how easily it spiraled out of control.

It's also important that Republican Senators are forced to go on record with their eventual impeachment vote. They either stand with America and the Constitution or they stand with the most corrupt, self-serving individual ever to hold our highest office. Their vote will either bolster the shared values of the founders or further divide us into warring tribes, willing to demolish our democratic norms to retain power.

Historians will spend decades and fill endless pages describing and explaining what happened on January 6th, but it will boil down to this: Trump incited an attack on the Capital to bolster his insane election fraud fantasies and people died as a result.

Yes, it's that simple.

#Trump #politics

By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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