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Illuminate Fair Trade Introduces Two New Embroidered Guatemalan Throw Blankets

Illuminate Fair Trade is now offering two new throw blankets from our artisan partners in Guatemala. Both are based on unique designs and not available anywhere else in N. America or Europe.

The first is our Guatemalan Mixed Huipile Embroidered Lap Blanket or Throw. They are created with the traditional Mayan designs found in the large embroidered patches of Guatemalan Huipiles [Mayan Embroidered Blouses]. Each is beautiful, colorful, and unique! 60 x 50 inches. Perfect to curl up under. Bright Pastels & Jewel Tones. Each is an absolutely unique work of art.

The second is our Guatemalan Rose/Mixed Pastel Embroidered Lap Blanket or Throw. They are made from a colorful blend of embroidered cotton patches from embroidered Huipiles [Guatemalan Embroidered Blouses] and Mayan skirt materials. Each is an absolutely unique work of art. 60 x 50 inches. Bright Pastels.

Of course, we also still offer our popular Vivid Blue & Red and Rust Embroidered Throws.

Thank you for supporting our work to aid artisans in the developing world. Each item you purchase assists them to build a better life for their families.


By: Don Lam

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