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GOP's Biden Hearings Collapse as "Star" Witness Says Joe had No Role in Hunter's Business Dealings

The Biden bribery hearings in the House of Representatives are quickly morphing into a repeat of the Benghazi investigation during the run-up to the 2016 election. House Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., and his fellow Republicans simply hope to throw enough mud on President Joe Biden to provide right-wing talk radio and Fox News with lots of juicy innuendos to pump up their base in time for the 2024 election.

Hunter Biden may have an integrity problem, but his father does not. How do I know that? As a former prosecutor, I can assure you that if Joe had taken the tens of millions of dollars that Republicans claim, there would be a money trail that Republicans would have found by now. They can't find it because it doesn't exist.

And, this week, GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, acknowledged that the Republicans' star witness, Devon Archer "didn't know anything" about allegations that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden had accepted millions in bribes. Rep. Comer had hyped the closed-door session with Hunter Biden's former business partner as integral to their bribery probe. Instead, Archer may have hammered the last nail into Comer's increasingly desperate investigation.

During his nearly five-hour testimony, Archer stated that President Biden was not a party to any of his son's business deals and that Hunter had merely tried to sell the illusion that he was providing access to his father according to The New York Times. Archer "was unequivocal and stated very clearly" that even when Joe had called Hunter to check in while meetings were taking place, no one ever discussed business on the phone conversations, according to Dem. Rep. Dan Goldman of New York.

The transcripts of the hearing bolster Goldman's conclusions about the substance of Archer's testimony. Archer had no knowledge of President Biden ever getting involved with Hunter's business dealings. Moreover, Archer undercut the GOP's entire narrative and timeline regarding Hunter Biden's work for Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Washington Post: “That’s the pattern here. Comer and Jordan and others hype claims of Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s work only to see those claims collapse as more information is made public. Devon Archer’s testimony was hailed as a central breakthrough in implicating Joe Biden. Instead, it has a top ally of Hunter Biden stating under penalty of perjury that Joe Biden was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business and that Biden’s trip to Ukraine in 2015 was not centered on protecting Burisma at all.”

Of course, none of this will slow down the GOPs investigation of the Bidens. As with the Benghazi investigation, getting to the truth isn't the point. It's about giving Donald Trump some cover as he wages his 2024 campaign amid 3 [or 4] criminal indictments.

By Don Lam & Curated Content

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