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GOP Rep. Kinzinger has had Enough of Trump's Delusional Rants, Says Party has Lost "Moral Authority"

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois is one of the few in the party willing to say that Donald Trump's insane fantasies about the election are harming the GOP and undermining America's democracy. In a recent interview he compared America under Trump to a banana republic.

Politico: “When you end up where principles don’t matter, beliefs don’t matter, it’s just about who can be the loudest and kind of maintain power through raw anger and aggression, you’re no different than a lot of Latin American countries at that point.”

And, Kinzinger believes that Trump is leading the GOP down a rabbit hole that will make it difficult for it to compete in the future.

Politico: “We have two different directions to go as Republicans,” Kinzinger said in an interview. “And I’m on the direction of, let’s get back to our roots and explain what conservatism is, so we can actually win the generation we’re gonna need to stay relevant.”

Rep. Kinzinger wants the party to get back to its roots and abandon the conspiracy theories, science-denial, and racism of the Trump years, but what if that IS what the Republican Party stands for today. What if Donald Trump understands better than Kinzinger what motivates the GOP base?

The thing about the Trump era that is so confounding is that every time you think the President and his supporters have hit a new low, they just sink deeper. Every time you think the GOP base will finally abandon the President in the face of some new outrage, they just go out and get bigger Trump flags.

So, Rep. Kinzinger may very well be pining away for a GOP that doesn't exist anymore. He will be in good company with Sen. Mitt Romney, Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, and all the conservative "never-Trumpers" like George Will and William Kristol, but it's not clear any of them have much influence in the party. That GOP is gone, and it's been replaced with the "Proud Boys," QAnon, and Trumpism.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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