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Giving Thanks to Our Readers & Customers: 39,000 Visitors So Far This Year

Thank You for your support this year. Since January, across our various platforms, we have had 39,600 unique visitors and accumulated 3600 regular readers and Fair Trade shoppers. We also have a combined total of almost 4500 Facebook, Twitter and newsletter followers. And we are just getting started.

Between now and election day 2020, we would like to increase that total to 100,000 visitors. You can help us with that. If you get a moment over the holiday, please send our URL link to any of your Facebook, Twitter, email and text friends that enjoy news and commentary about politics, Fair Trade, science, culture, economics, and social science research.

I would also like to thank Tommy Westerhold for his contributions this year and invite other readers to provide articles for submission. We would like to have many voices represented here and 2020 promises to be a watershed year in American history.

I realize that "Illuminate" is a relatively small voice in a world of media giants, but many small, rational voices with a compelling and forceful argument can steer this great nation back to a path that reflects its immense promise. A dear friend told me something years ago that will always inform our work at "Illuminate". "You can't change the world, but don't let that stop you from making some small part of it a better place." Thanks Ronnie!

Have a wonderful Holiday. And, Thank you!

By: Don Lam

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