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French Artist Fills Potholes and Cracked Walls on City Streets with Beautiful Mosaics

The French street artist Ememem fills the potholes and pavement cracks of Europe with beautiful mosaics. He transforms eyesores into art.

The French artist calls his technique “flacking,” a play on the French word flaque, meaning puddle. Using materials such as ceramics, wood, and bitumen [like asphalt], he fills cracks, large and small, in his home city of Lyon and across Europe in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan.

This is Colossal: "Throughout his home city of Lyon, Ememem is known as “the pavement surgeon.” The artist repairs gouged sidewalks and splintered facades with colorful mosaics that he describes as “a poem that everybody can read.” Intricate geometric motifs laid with pristine tiles hug the cracks and create “a memory notebook of the city. It reveals what happened, the life in these public places,” he tells Colossal. “Here cobblestones have been picked up and thrown. There a truck from the vegetable market tore off a piece of asphalt…”

To find out even more about Ememem, follow him on Instagram and read more about his work on his website here.

Sete, France, 2018


By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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