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Fox's Last Real Journalist Admits Republican Attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci are Political Nonsense

Chris Wallace has the unenviable task of maintaining the last shred of integrity at Fox News. He probably realizes that if he leaves, the network might as well just air reruns of Rush Limbaugh's failed TV show which Roger Ailes produced from 1992-96. Wallace is probably the last of Fox's anchor's that could get a job with a real news organization, but he has decided to stay for reasons that only he could know. One has to give him points for loyalty.

This week, as most everyone at Fox roasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for a variety of made-up nonsense having to do with his emails and the Chinese "lab leak" theory, Wallace admitted that it was "highly political" and that "there's no smoking gun there." Wallace then took the opportunity to broadly complement Fauci saying that he has been a "devoted public servant for 40 years." In just a few short sentences Wallace eviscerated the next month of Fox programming.

Dr. Fauci's emails will be interesting to historians documenting the pandemic era, but don't contain any major revelations beyond his extraordinary work ethic and compassion, and that his public statements evolved with the science as one would expect. Fauci was also clearly frustrated with the politicization of the crises, but maintained his sense of humor throughout.

The lack of any real meat [a smoking gun] hasn't stopped Trumpists from attacking him and that is a symptom of what ails the country right now. Because most conservatives reside in a Fox/talk radio news bubble, those that wish to demonize Fauci, like Rand Paul and former President Trump, can gain some traction even when there is nothing to criticize. They can get away with saying just about anything knowing that it will be amplified by every conservative talk radio host across the country. It's an alternative reality that is destroying the nation. Chris Wallace understands that, and, occasionally, feels that he has a duty to push back.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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