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Final Score: Biden 306, Trump 232 as President-Elect Joe Biden Flips Both Arizona & Georgia

Whether or not Donald Trump likes it [he clearly doesn't], the election came to an end yesterday and Joe Biden won an impressive victory. The President-elect garnered 306 electoral votes, won back the blue wall states of the Midwest, and flipped two GOP strongholds in the sunbelt. Thus far, Biden has won 77.7 million votes to Trump’s 72.5 million, a difference of more than five million, which will continue to grow. It turned out to be a much larger victory than it appeared on election night.

Political scientists will be evaluating voting data and exit polls for months to determine the underlying causes for such things as Biden flipping Georgia [the Atlanta suburbs], and Trump carrying Florida [those Cubans], and we will provide a recap in the coming weeks. Both parties have some important decisions to make. Republicans have to determine what role Trumpism has in the future of the party, and the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic party have to figure out a way to compromise and get behind a realistic and popular agenda that can be implemented without a senate majority. Both will be tough decisions with the potential to create permanent rifts in the parties.

For now, however, most Americans can refocus their attention on the holidays and surviving the growing Covid crisis.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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