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Enough Talk About Biden's Age

Apparently Julian Castro and others among Joe Biden's competition think his Achilles heel is his age. It isn't. He is a spry 76 and a year younger than Bernie Sanders who isn't being harangued about his age.

Heck, Biden is 10 years younger than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who is 86, and three years younger than 79-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And, it's not like the 73-year-old and horribly out of shape Donald Trump is going to be able to exploit Biden's age during the general election.

So, enough about Biden's age. Move on and focus on issues that matter to the voters. And remember, the voters who show up most reliably at the polls are those over 65, so stop the ageist insults about such things as Biden's use of the term "record player." Actually, Sen. Booker, among younger Americans, record players and vinyl records are experiencing a renaissance; they are cool again.

That is not to say that voters shouldn't weigh Biden's overall health and mental acuity. Of course they should. But, on the other hand, they should also consider his years of experience in addressing the problems that face the country. Few past Presidents have ever come to office with his knowledge of foreign and domestic policy.

Fellow candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, was absolutely right when she said such attacks on Biden's age are “not cool.” They will only serve to alienate older voters. If Joe has a meltdown like Reagan's long, rambling, closing statement about driving down the Pacific Highway 1984, we will all notice without Julian Castro pointing it out to us.

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By: Don Lam

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