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Dr. Oz is a Great Example of the Oddballs that Donald Trump has Foisted Upon Us

In a saner, pre-MAGA world, Dr. Mehmet Oz would still be hawking unproven remedies in books and on talk shows, not battling for a US Senate seat. He has no experience in public policy, holds some pretty outlandish views, and even his colleagues are less than comfortable with his medical advice.

Scientific American: "While holding a medical license, Mehmet Oz, widely known as Dr. Oz, has long pushed misleading, science-free and unproven alternative therapies such as homeopathy, as well as fad diets, detoxes and cleanses. Some of these things have been potentially harmful, including hydroxychloroquine, which he once touted would be beneficial in the treatment or prevention of COVID. This assertion has been thoroughly debunked."

Oz is trailing Pennsylvania's Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman by about a half dozen points according to recent polling, but the race shouldn't even be that close. He has few ties to the keystone state [he's from New Jersey and was still registered to vote there in May], holds Turkish citizenship, can't remember how many homes he owns [10, but claims only two], seems to have never done his own grocery shopping [the “Wegners” Crudités fiasco], has stated that he believes all abortions at any stage are murder, is fine with second cousin sex, claims that carbon dioxide is not a big deal in causing climate change and has some pretty brutal views on health care for a physician.

Political Wire: "Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz (R) said uninsured Americans “don’t have the right to health,” but should be given “a way of crawling back out of the abyss” with “15-minute physicals” provided by the government “in a festival like setting.”

About the only positive thing you can say about Dr. Oz is that he seems a bit saner than the Republican nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, who is still all-in on Trump's stolen election blather. But, both OZ and Mastriano represent the kind of oddballs that Donald Trump empowered during his four years of Twitter-enhanced lunacy.


By: Don Lam & Curated Content

Photo Credit: World Economic Forum

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