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Dr. Anthony Fauci Makes it Very Clear that He Isn't a Trump Supporter

Dr. Anthony Fauci is really quite angry that Donald Trump used his statements in a recent campaign commercial, saying that they were used out of context and do not reflect his views regarding the President's handling of the pandemic. Trump's ad uses an old quote from Fauci and portrays it as positive statement about the President. Fauci issued a statement on Monday to clarify that his compliment was not aimed at Trump.

Fauci statement: “In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. The comments attributed to me without my permission in the GOP campaign ad were taken out of context from a broad statement I made months ago about the efforts of federal public health officials.”

Fauci went a step further yesterday to warn the President not to use him in future campaign ads saying, that it would be “outrageous” and would “come back to backfire” on Trump.

The Daily Beast [Exclusive Interview]: "From there, Fauci went on to explain what he meant by “backfire.”
"By doing this against my will they are, in effect, harassing me,” Fauci said. “Since campaign ads are about getting votes, their harassment of me might have the opposite effect of turning some voters off."

Would Fauci endorse Biden if Trump misrepresents his words again? On CNN’s The Lead on Monday, Jake Tapper told Fauci that the Trump campaign is considering a second ad using his statements out of context. Dr. Fauci was less than pleased saying, “I hope they don’t do that. That would be kind of playing a game that we don’t want to play. I hope they reconsider that, if in fact, they are indeed considering doing that. I hope they reconsider and not do that.”

If nothing else, Fauci is making it quite clear that there is nothing about how Trump has handled the pandemic that is praiseworthy. Just to drive the point home, when asked about the President's plan to start holding campaign rallies again, Fauci argued that it was irresponsible, especially as Covid cases are increasing again, saying the idea was "really very troublesome."

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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