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Donald Trump is the President that the Founders of America Feared

The framers of the Constitution and other founders of America, like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, feared the influence of foreign powers in our democracy. In 1787, they were most concerned [and rightfully so] with the corrupting influence of England and France in our elections. The threat of external interference in America's politics has evolved over the last two centuries, but the fear that our democracy could be undermined by foreign interests has never abated.

The founders also feared that a President would come to power who thought himself above the law, not accountable to Congress or the people. That's why the "impeachment clause" was included in the Constitution. Originally, the framers only included the crimes of treason and bribery as impeachable, but it was expanded to "high crimes and misdemeanors" in the final draft to encompass a wider selection of corrupt acts by future Presidents. It is the sole vehicle to rid our nation of a despot who puts his interests above those of America.

And, according to Gail Savage, a professor of history at St. Mary's College of Maryland, the founders well understood the possibility that a future President might combine their twin fears to "sell out" the country by inviting foreign meddling in order to advance their own corrupt interests.

Gail Savage, quoted by the Center for American Progress: "But the founders not only feared attempts by foreigners to improperly intervene in American affairs—they were just as concerned about a president who may seek out the help of a foreigner for their political or financial self-interest..... "that a scheming, feckless leader might sell out his own country was a very real threat in the minds of those tasked to create a constitutional framework for a new government.”

And, so here we are. We know that the President actively sought the influence of Russia in the 2016 election. We know that Trump pressured the Ukraine's President to find dirt on his political rival, Joe Biden [which now looks more and more like blackmail, with a specific quid pro quo]. And, as of yesterday, we know that Donald Trump asked China to help in that endeavor.

Patriots, Democrats and Republicans alike, must recognize that Trump's actions are those of a despot that threaten the very fabric of our Democracy. There is no hiding from this. If Trump is not reined in now, the 2020 election will be hopelessly compromised by foreign interests competing to:

a. undermine America's democracy

b. gain Trump's favor

c. ensure favorable policies, or

d. all of the above.

And Trump will feel empowered to unleash a torrent of lies to taint his Democratic challenger in ways unimaginable to even the most ardent conspiracy theorist. Lost in the President's mudslinging will be any discussion of real issues like health care, college affordability or a living wage. We will all be forced to join the President's alternative universe in which Hunter Biden's Ukrainian business dealings and Hillary's emails [still] represent America's most pressing problems, and the media, Federal Reserve Chairman, and the deep state collude to undermine his "perfect" presidency.

In the last 24 hours, every Republican in Congress has considered whether they will honor their oaths of office or remain loyal to a President they know is corrupt and incompetent. The decision must weigh heavily upon them, as it should.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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