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Despite the Consequences, There was No Support for Staying in Afghanistan

All the recent polling of Americans made clear that there was no support for keeping US troops in Afghanistan. 73% of registered voters in a July 2-3 survey conducted by The Hill and the HarrisX organization said they support removing U.S. forces.

We have written often that we disagree with that decision, both when President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal timetable and as the Biden administration revisited the policy several months ago. The consequences were all too predictable.

Illuminate: "Joe Biden would get some credit for ending America's longest war by leaving on May 1st but six months later Afghanistan would probably face an all-out civil war with its cities burning and the Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaeda dividing up zones of influence. Moreover, daily life for Afghanistan's women and children would again become intolerable, evidenced by the human rights abuses common in regions already controlled by the Taliban."

The Taliban have overwhelmed Afghan government forces much more quickly than anyone imagined and will take Kabul in the next few days. As we watch the aftermath unfold, I suspect many Americans may feel a bit differently about the decision to withdraw.

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By: Don Lam

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