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Dear Mr. Trump, You are Embarrassing Yourself & Making the Nation Look Like a Banana Republic

Donald Trump's refusal to accept the results of the election is becoming a bit embarrassing. Yesterday, a Scottish newspaper suggested he accept his defeat in a gracious way — not act like a giant, spoilt child. At this point, even Fox News host Chris Wallace is mocking the President and his enablers in the Senate, comparing GOP Sen. Ted Cruz to a Japanese soldier who thinks World War II is “still going on.” And, a prominent Colombian newspaper published a frontpage headline deriding the United States, asking:  "Who's the Banana Republic now?" But, perhaps the best description of the President's behavior came from Kenyan cartoonist Patrick Gathara who "tweeted that Trump “has barricaded himself inside the presidential palace vowing not to leave unless he is declared the winner,” with a mediator “currently trying to coax him out with promises of fast food.”

But really, did anyone actually expect the President to accept his defeat gracefully? He's the poster child for extreme sociopathic narcissism and still believes that if he jumps up and down, holds his breath, screams, and bullies that he can somehow stay in office. This is a man who is enraged by windmills and toilets; he was never going to go "gentle into the night."

Conservative icon, George Will predicted this ending back in October.

Washington Post: "As the Donald Trump parenthesis in the republic’s history closes, he is opening the sluices on his reservoir of invectives and self-pity. A practitioner of crybaby conservatism — no one, he thinks, has suffered so much since Job lost his camels and acquired boils — and ever a weakling, Trump will end his presidency as he began it: whining."

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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