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Conservative Icon, George Will Describes Trump Admin. as Corrupt "Gangster Regime"

Reading George Will is always a pleasure, even when he's wrong, but his most recent column in the Washington Post about Donald Trump, corruption and the 2020 election is one of his better efforts. It captures the feeling that so many have about the monumental incompetence and corruption of the Trump administration and the importance of soundly defeating him on November 3rd.

Will, Washington Post: "Under the most frivolous person ever to hold any great nation’s highest office, this nation is in a downward spiral. This spiral has not reached its nadir, but at least it has reached a point where worse is helpful, and worse can be confidently expected."
"The nation’s floundering government is now administered by a gangster regime. It is helpful to have this made obvious as voters contemplate renewing the regime’s lease on the executive branch. Roger Stone adopted the argot of B-grade mobster movies when he said he would not “roll on” Donald Trump. By commuting Stone’s sentence, Stone’s beneficiary played his part in this down-market drama, showing gratitude for Stone’s version of omertà (the Mafia code of silence), which involved lots of speaking but much lying. Because the pandemic prevents both presidential candidates from bouncing around the continent like popcorn in a skillet, the electorate can concentrate on other things, including Trump’s selection of friends such as Stone and Paul Manafort, dregs from the bottom of the Republican barrel."

Will also warns that Trump will not go quietly if defeated in November and is already signaling his intention to claim voter fraud tarnished the results. Will is correct. What America needs on November 3rd is an overwhelming Biden victory, one so large that Trump and his supporters can't question the outcome. And, more importantly, America needs to soundly defeat Trumpism, a disease as dangerous and ugly as the pandemic we now face.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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